Thursday, February 7, 2013

Turbo Chevy Camaro ZL-1

Hello Friends and Colleagues~ Over a year ago, I was asked to design the most ridiculously awesome drag/track/supercharged Chevy Camaro ever created. Initially, the concept is for DreamWorks new movie coming in July called "Turbo"! It's exciting to see something from one of my concept paintings, drawings, and models to be realized in real scale! Go Turbo!!!

Production Design: Michael Issak
Art Director: Richard Daskas
Original Inspiration: Chevy Camaro ZL-1

                                                             original concept illustration

                                                                    Final concept model

                                                    Chevy build for Chicago Auto Show


                                 DreamWorks Turbo Release Day, Chevy ZL-1 on campus!!

          Images are courtesy of  (c) Jalopnik and  Jason Scheier @ (c)DreamWorks Animation SKG


Sveta said...

This is awesome!

Jason Scheier said...

Thank you very much Sveta!!!

Ivan Aguirre said...

This is awesome Jason! congrats! Slick!

Jason Scheier said...

Thank you very much Ivan!! :D

John Vu said...

Woahh!!! you are BAD ASS!!!! epic freaking sweet! this is Manh from your fund design class by the way (CGMA)

Jason Scheier said...

Hey Manh! Thank you for the kind message man!! Keep killin it in class good buddy! :D